Standard inspection service for shopping agent orders
• Standard quality inspection rules:
We will verify the general information like quantity, style, color, size, model, and find out if the main logo of the front/back of the item is severely flawed, if the item is broken or whether the appearance of your item is obviously flawed (such as: round-shaped: diameter > 0.5cm, other shapes: length > 1cm; large stains, dyed, scratches, laddering and external damages.) Also filter out all the restricted products during the quality inspection. However, we will not open the products that are sealed or products (clothes, shoes, and bags excluded) with sealing labels. We can only verify those products and check if the products are damaged or not based on their packaging.

Inspection Rules for Action Figures:
1. Action figure in sealed packaging or in packing box with sealing label will not be unpacked for inspection, and we’ll only check whether or not the outer packaging is intact, the packing box is seriously damaged, etc.;
2. Actions figure fixed into foam pad or other materials by default (e.g. big-sized Dragon Ball series) will not be taken out for inspection, and we’ll only inspect it according to the external appearance;
3. Action figure in non-sealed packaging will be unpacked for inspection.
Standard gift quality inspection:
If the product details on the top of the product page indicate that a gift is offered, Yoybuy will check whether the gift is included in the received parcel. If the product details on the top of the product page indicate that no gift is offered, Yoybuy will not check whether any gift is offered.
The gift offered by the seller is your property regardless of its value. Yoybuy will store the products and gifts and ship them to you.

1.We will verify if the products have the defects and the functions that are stated by the seller. (Yoybuy does not inspect: the size error, the model of the mobile phone case (film), glasses degree, the lining of the clothes, the appearance of the commodity box and the letter printing quality or missing.)

2. For professional products like electronics, digital products, and the related peripherals or accessories, we will not check their authenticity, functions, and quality during the quality inspection.
3. Yoybuy does not inspect items in sealed parcels and parcels with a sealing label or strip except for parcels for dress, suitcases, bags, and shoes.

4、For orders without real product information, such as RMB 1 deal, blessing bags, invalid product links, links without real products, multi-purpose auctions, orders for shipping freights, quantity orders, and mosaic product pictures, Yoybuy cannot check the information, such as the product type, quantity, color, size, and model. For these orders, Yoybuy only inspects whether the product appearance has damage, stain, dyeing, or defects. Product details should be inspected based on the inspection photo.

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