When you use the YOYBUY service, you can set up your account information, modify the content of incoming emails, modify and add shipping addresses here.

Personal Profile

This module is divided into 3 parts:Personal Profile, E-mail subscription and Auto-debit authorization

Personal Profile-Here you can upload your personal image, change your gender, phone number, etc. You cannot change your username or registered email address.
Personal Profile

E-mail subscription-Here you can choose which notifications you would like to receive from the YOYBUY system, such as order information, parcel information, and payment information.
payment information

Auto-debit authorization:
After authorizing, when the amount you paid is less than the actual amount you need to pay, YOYBUY system will deduct the corresponding amount from your account automatically.
By authorizing these two functions, you will never miss any replenishments, the waiting time for you will be shortened greatly.
You can turn off the feature at any time.

My address Book
You can add a new delivery address or change your address here. However, if you are paying for an order or parcel using Paypal, you cannot change your new address here, you will need to log in to your Paypal account and change your address from within your Paypal account.
My address Book

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