When you are logged into your YOYBUY account, you can click on the hidden features of the site in the top right-hand corner of your account, where you need to focus on Livechat,Help center and Cost calculator.
Cost calculator

Live chat

When you click on this option, you will be able to communicate with our customer service staff online and be able to solve your problem instantly. You will need to enter the username, registered email address and other options you can, please fill in all the options in as much detail as possible.
Live chat

Help center


If you have a question about using the YOYBUY service, you can search for the answer yourself here. If you cannot find a satisfactory answer to your question, please contact:service@yoybuy.com.
Our customer service department will provide you with a professional and timely response.

Cost Calculator
If you would like to estimate the international shipping cost of an item in advance, you can click on “Cost Calculator”, then enter the country, weight and size (optional) and the full list will be displayed with all shipping methods to your country and the restrictions on the products that can be shipped.
Cost Calculator

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