Recommended amount of declared value for each channel

Shipping channels  Max. declared value Min. declared value Default declared value Remarks
DHL/ Fedex/ Aramex/ UPS 700USD 10USD 1kg=10usd If you forget to fill in the declared value when you submit your parcel, we will fill in the appropriate declared value for you in accordance with the default rules of the company that transports it.
HK-UPSExpressSaver / YOYBUY Express 700USD 10USD 1kg=10usd
E-express  200usd 10USD 1kg=5usd
E-Packet/Airmail Small Package 15usd 5usd 15usd
YANWEN ePacket 100usd 5usd 1kg=5usd
KCE Textile Product DDP 500USD 10usd 1kg=10usd
KCE DDP/YOYBUY Cargo/YOYNUY Russia Line-DDP 500USD 10usd 1kg=10usd
Correios Brazil DDP 100usd 5usd 1kg=5usd
Small Package NL 15usd 5usd 15usd
YOYBUY Global Line DDP – F&Sensitive 15usd 10usd 1kg=5usd
YOYBUY Global Line – AIR 100usd 10USD 1kg=5usd
YunExpress-US(General Goods) 700usd 10usd 1kg=5usd
YunExpress-US(With Battery) 700usd 10usd 1kg=5usd
YunExpress DDP-UK(General Goods) 100usd 10usd 1kg=5usd
YunExpress DDP – EU (General Goods) 100usd 10usd 1kg=5usd Norway’s declared value can not exceed 35USD.
YunExpress DDP – EU (With Battery) 100usd 10usd 1kg=5usd
1. Due to the different customs requirements of different countries for the declared value, the declared value requirements of different routes are also different, when you submit the waybill, fill in the declared value, please fill in the reference amount.
2. If you fill in the declared value higher or lower than the recommended declared value, in order to ensure that your parcel can be sent out the first time, our company has the right to help you modify the declared value directly.

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