How Do I View The Seller’s Reputation

Just under the seller’s name, you can see heart(s)/diamond(s)/crown(s) which represent how many points the seller has. Next to those icons, you can see the shop’s “positive rating” (Favorable rating rate) which is rated by the buyers who have bought from this seller. The best performance is Favorable rating rate:100%.
Favorable rating rate

What are Taobao domestic delivery options?

There are three methods of Domestic Delivery in China: Surface Mail (Surface Mail), Express Delivery (Express delivery).

Yoybuy does not accept Surface Mail because of the following reasons:
1.    It’s slow. It will take at least 7 days.
2.    It’s dangerous. Goods have a higher chance of being lost or damaged.
3.    Most importantly, the goods will not reach our company directly! It requires recipient to personally pick up the item from the Post Office.
YOYBUY recommends Express Delivery, which is reliable and fast — we will receive the items 3-5 days after item has been shipped.
If you are in a hurry, or if purchased items are expensive, SF might be a better option. SF is more costly but with the most reliable service and the goods will reach to us within 1-2 days after being shipped.

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