YOYBUY is a Mature B2B Online
Wholesale Ordering Platform

We Are Committed To Providing One-Stop Business Solution For Global Users


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What is B2B

YOYBUY B2B trading is for volume purchasing projects, customized commodity service needs, including product sourcing,
FBA shipment preparation and inspection, warehousing, international logistics, and any other requirements you may have.
It can directly reach hundreds of millions of goods in Taobao, Tmall, 1688, offline factories and other platforms to win higher profits.
Online payment, safe and secure; flexible payment methods, timely and efficient delivery
Meet all your purchasing needs: drop shipping, bulk purchasing, product labeling, customized p- roducts
A professional service team to fulfill your needs for both short -term and long-term bulk purc- hasing of goods

Our Advantages

High-quality goods sourced directly from China
Commodity display stand, packaging material procurement
Multi-warehouse storage in Beijing and Shenzhen, China (90-day free period)
Door to door logistics
Mixed bulk purchases to support rich categories
Best Selling or Discounted Product Recommendations
Very low minimum order quantity requirement (MOQ)
Group buying
Commodity Inspection Report
Product & packaging can be customized
Digital document
Branding and Packaging
Potential commodity market research
Folding or single page printing
Product photos and videos
Factory Direct
Wood Machining Equipment
Household products research
Photography Spare Parts
Electronic Products
Outdoor Sport
Industrial Accessories

Solutions provided by Yoybuy B2B

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Cross-border logistics

Over 10 years of experience in the cross-border e-commerce industry, providing mature cross-border logistics services. Customized logistics or parcel delivery service for users.

Customized logistics

We have exclusive logistics discounts that support customized transportation across the sea, land and airlines.

Extremely fast shipping

Worldwide shipping, one piece shipping.

Protection Advantages

We will find exactly what you want and help you buy it with 100% security and assurance, sourcing faster and easier through global distribution.

Protection Advantages

You will enjoy lower costs, more resources, lower risk, flexible and customized hassle-free service, and strict quality control according to standard QC processes.


Free storage for 90 days, saving you time and money.
FBA Preparation and Inspection

Professional Sourcing

Configure a dedicated account manager to follow up one-on-one throughout the whole process; quickly find sources of goods according to customer customized needs.

Warehouse Services

Commodity inbound and outbound quality inspection; commodity label cutting or label replacement service;more customized demand services.


FBA's first journey by sea, air and express is sent directly to the world.

Warehousing Services

We provide professional warehousing services for your global delivery, including fine quality inspection, combined shipping of products, personalized packaging, etc.

Yoybuy Warehouse

We offer optimized and well-organized warehousing solutions with 90 days free warehousing.Yoybuy China Warehouse: Shenzhen and Beijing.

Warehouse Management

Product weights and dimensions are recorded in our warehouse system.

One-Stop Attentive Service

One-to-one customer service
We will allocate an exclusive salesperson to follow up the whole process of product procurement and technical support services, saving the intermediate multi-link communication for customers
Customized supply chain management solutions
We will provide diversified supply chain services according to customer needs, integrating source manufacturers to clients, with diversified international trade service solutions

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