Embargoed goods for international transport

List of Prohibited Items for International Mail and Items Failing Air Security Inspection
I. The regulations of the International Postal Union on prohibited items
1. Explosive, flammable, corrosive, toxic, acidic, alkaline and radioactive dangerous goods. Such as detonators, gunpowder, firecrackers, petrol, alcohol, paraffin, tung oil, raw paint, matches, pesticides, etc.
2. Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. Such as opium, morphine, cocaine (high roots), etc.
3. Items prohibited by national decree from circulation or dispatch. Such as arms and weapons, national or foreign currency, etc.
4. Perishable items. Such as fresh fish, fresh meat, etc.
5. Articles that are an obstacle to public health. Such as corpse bones (including ashes that have been incinerated), unnitrated animal skins, unmedicated animal bones, etc.
6. reactionary newspapers and books, propaganda and obscene or indecent articles
7. all kinds of live animals or animal specimens.
II. Articles expressly prohibited from being sent out of China by customs
1. weapons of all kinds, imitation weapons, ammunition and explosive substances
2. counterfeit currency and counterfeit marketable securities.
3. printed materials, films, photographs, records, movies, audio tapes, video tapes, laser discs, computer storage media and other items harmful to China’s politics, economy, culture and morals
4. all kinds of potent poisons.
5. opium, morphine, heroin, cannabis and other addictive narcotics, psychotropic substances
6. animals, plants and their products with dangerous germs, pests and other harmful organisms

7.food, drugs or other items that are harmful to the health of humans and animals, from infected areas and other items that can spread disease.
8. manuscripts, printed matter, films, photographs, records, films, audio tapes, video tapes, laser discs, computer storage media and other items whose contents are related to state secrets.
9. precious cultural relics and other literatures prohibited from leaving the country
10. endangered and precious animals, plants (all including specimens) and their seeds and propagating materials.
11.national currency.
12.Foreign currency and its valuable securities.
13. gambling equipment. Such as playing cards, chips, dice, etc.
III. Articles expressly restricted by customs from being sent out of the country
1.Gold, silver and other precious metals and their products.
2.Radio transceivers, communication secrecy machines.
3. Precious Chinese herbal medicines.
4.General Cultural Heritage
5. Other items that are restricted by customs from leaving the country.
6.In addition to the specific detailed prohibitions and restrictions, you can also check the official website of China Customs at http://www.customs.gov.cn
IV. Description of the breakdown of items failing aviation security screening
1.Simulation guns, fire guns, bullets and cartridges. For example: any imitation guns, toy guns that can shoot bullets, cosplay prop guns are prohibited.
2. All kinds of controlled knives, crossbows and arrows.
3.Flammable and explosive dangerous goods, chemical reagents and liquids.
4. All types of electronic products with batteries. For example: any reusable rechargeable batteries (lithium batteries, built-in batteries, long laptop batteries, accumulators, high-capacity batteries, etc.), cannot pass security checks; MP3, MP4,
MP3, MP4, mobile phones, computers and other electronic products, as well as outdoor lighting products and mountain climbing products, if there is no built-in battery, a single machine can pass security inspection; if there is a built-in battery, even if the battery has been individually packaged, it still cannot pass security inspection; toys containing dry batteries, glow sticks, etc.
Toys and glow sticks containing dry batteries will not pass security checks through normal shipping methods.
5. Items with magnetism (amplifiers): magnetic items, such as large and small stereos containing speakers, circuit boards with transformers, etc. Because they can affect the aircraft signal, they cannot pass security checks.
6.All kinds of pressure vessels, all kinds of compressed gas products (automatic inflatable life-saving equipment, fire extinguishers).
7. Mail containing cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and powdered items. For example, liquid, powder and paste items, no matter how they are packaged, cannot pass security checks, and capsule medicines are also subject to this restriction.
8. Bulk electronic components. For example, the whole package of individual delivery of bulk button batteries, dry batteries, can not pass security inspection.
9. Any items that show an “unknown image” in the security view cannot be sent. For example: packaging with thick solid foam, which makes it difficult to show the shape and characteristics of the items inside, and for aviation safety reasons, they will not
For security reasons, they will not pass security checks; tea boxes with tinfoil, etc.
In addition, tobacco, plant seeds, live animals, illegal drugs and even narcotics, forged driving licences and passports, powdered and liquid items, items of unknown composition and medicines, and counterfeit goods are also prohibited items for international transport.

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