After-sales compensation ways and means

When there is an after-sales problem with your product or parcel, you need to contact YOYBUY Customer Service Department in a timely manner. After your proof and verification by YOYBUY Customer Service, and if YOYBUY confirms its liability, we will give you compensation according to the result of the negotiation between both parties.

1 Coupon compensation

We will add the coupons directly to your YOYBUY account – My wallet – My coupons, depending on the outcome of the negotiation.

Tips: All coupons have a limit on the amount that can be used. In general, coupons can only be used to pay for an order and need to be used within the validity period. If you have any questions regarding the use of the coupons, please contact YOYBUY Customer Service.

2 Compensation of points

Once YOYBUY Customer Service and you have agreed on the after-sale compensation, we will add the negotiated points to your YOYBUY account – My wallet – My coupons.

Tips: Points can be redeemed for coupons and cannot be withdrawn.

3 Cash compensation

Once you have negotiated with YOYBUY customer service, we will add the negotiated compensation amount to your YOYBUY account, which you can find in My wallet – My wallet history.

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