User Privacy Policy

Yoybuy User Privacy Policy

In order to effectively protect the privacy of Yoybuy users and optimize the user experience, we update this Privacy Policy (Revised Version) in accordance with current regulations and policies, which specifies the policies and measures taken in terms of collection, management and protection of users’ personal data. This Privacy Policy applies to all services offered by Yoybuy, whether you obtain Yoybuy services via PC, mobile terminal or other devices.
For any issues regarding this Privacy Policy or related matters, you may contact us at any time by visiting the Yoybuy online customer service system, Yoybuy official service account number or calling our customer service hotline.

1. What information will we collect from you?
Usually, you may visit our company online without telling us who you are or providing any of your personal information. However, in order to facilitate you to enjoy our services, you may choose to provide us with the following information in various circumstances.

The information provided by you for us. When you register a Yoybuy account, we save the basic information that you provided: your email address and password. If you like, when you use our services, you may provide more of your personal information, including name, gender, photo, birthday, telephone number, country/region, education, and work experience.

2. How do we use your information?
We or our partners will use your information to provide and improve services, providing you with websites or mobile applications with personalized experiences, including:
1) To contact you on your account, to reach a contract with you, to provide you with our services, to render your compliance with our legal obligations, to protect your important interests, or to use them in accordance with public interests, so that we can serve you more widely.

Providing payment processing and account management, operating, measuring and improving our services, and keeping our service safe, sound and operable.

Contacting with you for your account, via emails, phone calls, SMS/text messages, mails and mobile device push notifications, in order to solve the account problems, handle disputes, charge fees or amounts in arrears, or other necessary actions for providing you with customer services.

Detecting, preventing, reducing and investigating frauds, security vulnerabilities, or potential prohibited or illegal activities.

Exercising our membership contract, this Privacy Policy Notice or other policies, and providing further services as described by you in the information we collect.
2) While safeguarding your rights and freedom, we will use your personal information to pursue our legitimate interests. We have taken measures to strike a balance between our interests and yours, including:

Improving our services, such as reviewing information related to pauses or conflict pages encountered by members, so that we can identify and resolve problems and provide you with a better experience.

Customizing, evaluating and improving in-site advertising based on your advertising customization preferences.

Providing targeted marketing, service updates and promotions based on your communication preferences.

Contacting you via email or mail as permitted by applicable law, so as to provide you with coupons, discounts and special promotions; receiving your opinions through surveys or questionnaires and informing you of our services.

Inviting you to be our partner and participate in our project via emails, phone calls, SMS/text messages, mails and mobile device push notifications.

Contacting you regarding public policy issues or other matters concerning your ability to use our services, which may include inviting you to participate in petitions, writing letters, making phone calls, or implementing other activities related to the public policy.

Accepting your valuable suggestions or advice.

Using the GA to measure visits and click-through rates of all levels of pages on our websites and mobile apps, or other promotional effects.

Measuring seller performance (for example, using shipping tracking information provided by sellers and shipping service providers or provided by Yoybuy).

Monitoring and improving information security for our website and mobile apps.
3) With your consent, we may use your personal information for the following purposes:

Providing you with marketing promotions via phone calls, emails, SMS or text messages, including coupons, discounts and special offers, opportunities to use service offerings on our platform, website content of articles and services you may like, follow-up observations of your shopping carts, your tracking list and your favorites, as well as the collection of favorites and sellers you choose to follow.

Providing you with marketing promotions from other Yoybuy business members.

Providing you with marketing promotions from third parties, including coupons, promotions, discounts and special offers, opportunities to use services from third parties, website content for items and services you may like, etc.

Using your sensitive personal information to facilitate certain types of transactions.
You have the right to cancel your agreement at any time.
We may use technologies that are deemed as automatic decision making or analysis. We will not use automatic decision-making techniques to make decisions that will have a major impact on you unless the decision is a necessary part of the contract between you and us, and we use such technologies with your consent or as required by the laws.
Please note that we will not share your personal information with any advertisers unless with your consent. We will not seek any personal information from children or incapacitated persons or send them any requests for personal data, without the guardians’ permission, knowledge, or presence.

3. Who do we share your information with?
We will not sell, rent or otherwise disclose your personal information to any third parties for marketing or advertising purposes without your consent. To ensure that we provide you with operational services, comply with our legal obligations, enforce membership contracts, promote our marketing and advertising campaigns, prevent, detect, reduce and investigate fraudulent or illegal activities related to our services, we may share your information to the following parties for the following purposes:

1) To Yoybuy’s related group companies, this information may be used to:

Provide syndicated content and services (such as registration, transactions, and customer support).

Assist in the detection, investigation, reduction and prevention of fraudulent and illegal activities, violations of our membership contracts, and information security vulnerabilities.

Provide you with personalized advertising.

Improve the products, websites, apps, services, tools, and marketing communications.

Yoybuy’s related group companies may use your information to send you marketing communications, provided that you agree to receive marketing communications from Yoybuy’s related group companies or as permitted by the laws.
2) To the following service providers and financial institution partners:

Third party service providers that assist us to render services and payment processing services, coordinate us to provide personalized advertisements, help us to prevent, detect, reduce and investigate potential illegal activities, violations of our membership contracts, frauds and/or security vulnerabilities, assist in the payment collection, joint management and incentive plans, associated credit cards and other business.
Third-party financial institutions that cooperate with us to provide financial products for you,so that they can provide joint content and services (such as registration, transactions and customer supports). These third-party financial institution partners may use your personal information to send you marketing communications only upon your requests for their services.

For third party shipping companies (such as DHL, Fedex,E-express etc.), we will share the shipping address, contact information and shipping tracking data, for the purpose of delivering the purchased articles and other shipping-related communications.
3) To law enforcement organs, public security organs or other judicial organs and organizations

To comply with legal obligations, procedures or requirements.

To perform our terms of service and other agreements, policies and standards, including investigation over any possible violations.

To detect, prevent or otherwise solve security, fraudulent or technical issues.

To protect the rights, properties, or security of us, our users, third parties, or the public (including exchanging information with other companies and organizations for the purpose of fraud prevention), as required or permitted by the laws. We will only disclose the information that we consider relevant to the investigation or inquiry, such as name, city, state, postal code, telephone number, email address, member account record, IP address, complaints for fraud, and etc.
4) Change of Ownership
If we are merged or acquired by other companies, we may share information with them according to our Privacy Policy. In this case, we will require the new entity to comply with this Privacy Policy when processing your information. If we intend to process your information for purposes not set forth by this Privacy Policy, you will be notified of the new use of your personal information in advance.

4. How do we protect your information?
Your personal information will be accessible from our servers and will be processed on our servers, too. No matter where your personal information is stored, we are committed to protecting the privacy and integrity of your personal information. Your personal information will be controlled by our technology and organization and is subject to our policies and procedures (including this Privacy Policy).We will clearly and comprehensively introduce you the future use of this information when we collect information from you. You may provide us with all or part of the information we want to collect as you wish, and at the same time, you may tell us that which purposes you wish for certain information or which purposes you don’t wish for certain information, we will respect your wishes. Our company guarantees the security and quality of information provided to us by you via physical and electronic means.
Note: Some countries, regions or organizations may not have strict laws and regulations to protect your personal information. Notwithstanding, our company will still process your personal information in the manners described in this Privacy Policy in the said places.

5. How long will we keep your information?
We will permanently save your personal information once you have successfully registered your Yoybuy account. Also, we will delete your personal information in advance upon your request. However, we will retain the data as required by our legal obligations.

6. How do you exercise your right regarding your information?
In general, we will ask for your permissions to use your personal information when collecting your personal information. Also, we may ask for your permissions before each use upon your request. You may also take the initiative to understand the use of your personal information through various channels such as newspapers and internet. You may contact us via phone or internet to jointly investigate the root cause thereof and take protective measures to ensure the security of your personal privacy if you discover any authorized use of your personal information.
At the same time, for your personal information held by us, you may access, modify or delete your data, or restrict or refuse us to process your data:
1) Access and corrections. You may log into your account to check, review and update most of your personal data. Please update your personal information immediately if your personal information is changed or inaccurate.
2) Query. Please contact us as permitted by the applicable national laws when you wish to check whether a charge is involved.
3) Limitations and objections. In certain circumstances, you may request us to stop processing any of your personal information held by us, other than our storage purposes. However, please be noted that we may not be able to provide you with all services and customer supports offered to members (offered in the case of obtaining this Privacy Policy Notice and membership contract authorization) if you ask us to stop processing some or all of your personal data, or if you cancel (if applicable) your agreement to our use or disclosure of your personal data for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. We may use such personal information again if we have legitimate reasons (for example, to maintain legal statements or to provide protections for others) under the data protection law.
4) Removal. Upon your request, we may close your account and remove others from viewing your personal data as soon as reasonably possible based on your account activities and applicable national laws.

7. Dispute resolution/how to contact us
If you have questions or complaints about this User Privacy Policy or our data handling practices, you can contact us at.

8. Customers use third-party accounts to log in the YOYBUY:
If you use another websites’ account for join login YOYBUY: take facebook as an example.
YOYBUY website agrees and supports the relevant laws&regulations and policy statements of Facebook.
Customers who log in YOYBUY via facebook register email address can access, use, download content, save data information about their personal transactions openly in YOYBUY website.
Currently, the website only supports customers to delete their personal shipment history.
Based on personal needs, customers who log in to YOYBUY with facebook account email address can delete their private transaction data by clicking “delete” button in my account–my parcels.
If customers want to delete parts records of customer-related information(collected by the app), please send an email to
Once the service team verifies that there is no error, our technical team will clear the traces for you within 48 hours.
If customers want to delete complete personal data(collected by the app) it means cancel account immediately, please send an email to
Once the service team verifies that there is no error, our technical team will cancel your account within 24 hours.
YOYBUY will provide Facebook with the information of Facebook customers who use the website upon the request.
This Privacy Commitment link is valid at all times and is updated all the time.

9. How will we inform you of the revision of policy?
We will post updated policies here and notify our users on the Yoybuy website or mobile app for any significant changes to this Privacy Policy. Please check this page frequently for any updates of or changes to this Privacy Policy.

By using the Yoybuy website and mobile apps, you are accepting our rules and policies regarding your personal information, and you expressly consent to our collection, processing, use and storage of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
YOYBUY deals customer data according to the International privacy policy.
YOYBUY customers can access, use, download content, save data information about their personal transactions openly.
YOYBUY does’t use customers’ personal information for other purposes and does’t disclose customers’ information.

You acknowledge that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy.
You will not be able to use the services if you do not agree with this Privacy Policy. You may withdraw your agreement to our use of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy if you change your mind in the future.

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