Parcel Indemnity Conditions

Parcel compensation standards:
If your products are lost, lacking in quantity, damaged, or delayed during the shipment process due to reasons not in Yoybuy’s control, Yoybuy is not responsible for compensation. For indirect and not actualized profit losses, we will also not be responsible for any compensation. Please see the “Insurance and compensation of Parcels” for actual details.
Yoybuy is not responsible for compensation in the following situations:
1. Damage caused in situations out of our control.
2. Items that do not follow shipment or restricted shipment regulations and are confiscated by authorities or processed according to the law.
3. Parcels that, at the moment of being sent, are perfectly packaged, without any traces of having been opened or tampered with, weigh the same as they started with, and with all contained parts present and undamaged.
4. The recipient has already signed and accepted the parcel following the legal procedures.
5. Parcels that are missing in part or delayed due to errors committed by the client or problems with the product itself.
6. The client has not inquired about the product nor requested any compensation from the date of submission to the end of the inquiry period.
7. International parcels that have been detained, confiscated or destroyed according to the laws of the recipient country.

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