1.Credit card has a minimum payment amount of 1USD and a maximum payment amount of 2000USD.

2.If you would like to pay a larger amount, we recommend that you pay in instalments or use wire transfer, where the handling fee is cheaper.

3.According to Yoybuy’s refund rules, if you paid by credit card, we can only refund the money to the credit card you used to pay, we do not support cross-method refunds.

4.When your transaction is too large, in order to ensure the security of your transaction, UBE has the right to ask you to provide relevant information to ensure that the transaction is operated by you, please provide it in time.

5.When you pay by credit card, our company does not support the shipment to China address, you need to change the payment method.

6.Yoybuy is using two credit card payment platforms, credit card (Handling fee3.8% + 0.3) and Credit card powered by Paypal (Handling fee3.5% + 0.3), please pay attention to the difference between the trading platforms when you choose your transaction method.

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