Points To Note For Package Addition

You need to be aware of the following points when using the Forwarding service:
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1.Please make sure that you fill in your recipient:优贝 (YB*****) correctly when you shop on Taobao or 1688 website. The warehouse staff will add the parcel to your account according to your YB**** number.
2.When your parcel is confirmed signed for, if you do not see it in your Yoybuy account, it may be that your seller has not filled in your receiving information correctly: YB*****, please contact Yoybuy customer service in time:service@yoybuy.com
3.If your parcel is confirmed but you don’t see it in your Yoybuy account, please check your account Forwarding – My forwarding parcels, because if you have tried to submit a parcel but have not paid for it, your parcel will still be held in the Pending parcel,you could not see it in “Parcels” again.
Please make sure

4.If your forwarding package shows as signed for, but you do not see it in your Yoybuy account, please pay attention to the parcel signing time, normally we will finish shelving your parcel within 3-6 hours after receiving it. Please be patient.

5. All YOYBUY members have a free storage period of 90 days. If your free storage time has run out and you still haven’t shipped your items, you can choose to purchase additional storage time at a cost of 2CNY/day for a maximum of 30 days.
Note: If you are unable to ship your goods within 90 days and have not purchased additional storage time, your order status will change to “Abandon.” This means you have given up your items and will no longer be able to receive them.

6.When you use the Forwarding service, as you choose the seller and the products yourself, Yoybuy only collects and ships the goods for you. We are not responsible for checking the quality or quantity of the goods, if you want to check the details of the goods, please request a photo.

7.When you use the Forwarding service, if you think your item has been lost, please contact the seller as soon as possible. Youbuy Shipping will ensure that all items received are dispatched. Youbuy is not responsible for compensation for lost or damaged Forwarding products.

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