Website Link Cannot Be Added

Item link cannot be added to the shopping cart of Yoybuy solution

1.The Yoybuy website currently only catches links directly from Taobao, Tmall and 1688 websites. Other websites such as Jingdong cannot add links directly to Yoybuy’s shopping cart. The customer solution for this situation is as follows.
1 Add the product links directly to the Yoybuy website
Add the product links

2.The website does not pick up the product information directly and a blank page appears. In this case you will need to enter the product name, product price and domestic shipping cost into the corresponding options, then the product link and the requirements for the product are noted separately. Click on Add to shopping cart.
Add to shopping cart

3.You can then click on: “View shopping cart” to go to the shopping cart to pay for your order.
View shopping cart

If you have a link to Taobao,Tmall ,1688 etc. and cannot add a shopping cartPlease contact

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