Yoybuy Exclusive Line

When you use Yoybuy dedicated methods (such as Yoybuy Express, Small package NL, Matson Fast Boat DDP-US, KCE DDP, CDEK AIR DDP and other routes)

Your parcel is usually tracked half way and will not be updated until the parcel reaches the transit country or transit city. If your parcel does not have any updated information after leaving Yoybuy please do not worry, in general, your parcel is still in normal transit.

If you have any questions, Please contact the Yoybuy Customer Service Department:

We will actively assist you in checking the status of your parcel and contacting the logistics service provider.

However, please also keep your receiving phone number open at all times. If the parcel is returned due to the recipient not signing for the parcel in time or if the recipient does not provide the correct address, all costs incurred during the return period will need to be borne by you.

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