1.     YOYBUY Service Fee: 
If you choose the Forwarding service, Yoybuy will charge you a fixed service fee of 1USD when you submit your parcel.
2.    International delivery fee
International shipping costs depend on the country you are shipping to, the shipping method, the type of product, the weight of the parcel and the size of the parcel.
3.    Storage fee: 
All YOYBUY members have a free storage period of 90 days. If your free storage time has run out and you still haven’t shipped your items, you can choose to purchase additional storage time at a cost of 2CNY/day for a maximum of 30 days.
Note: If you are unable to ship your goods within 90 days and have not purchased additional storage time, your order status will change to “Abandon.” This means you have given up your items and will no longer be able to receive them.
4.    Customs fee: 
We suggest that before shipping, YOYBUY customers take the initiative to find out their local Customs policies. In countries with high rate of Customs clearance, there is no need to pay any fees. However, in countries with low rate of Customs clearance such as Argentina, customers may be required to pay tariffs.
Note: Chinese Customs fee is 8CNY per parcel.
5.   Basic insurance fee (optional): 
Insurance fee is purchased at 3% of the total price.
International delivery fee + Service fee + Customs fee+Photo fee = Total Price

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