How Can I See My Order Status

You can go to the My Order page to view your orders. There are nine different statuses:
My Order page

Your item has not yet been paid for and you can cancel your order yourself.
2.Await Purchase
The item has not been purchased yet (you may still cancel your item).
cancel your item

3.In Process
Our purchaser is buying this item now. You cannot delete your item at this point.

Our purchaser has paid and bought your item.

1.Await Payment
You need to pay more to buy this item. This is usually because your payment is not sufficient enough to cover the domestic delivery fee or item’s fee.
Await Payment

The items have arrived at our company.

Your item is being stored in our warehouse. Please submit delivery as soon as possible before your free storage period of 90 days is over.

YOYBUY storage time is 180 days (Arrived + Storing period). If you don’t submit delivery during this time, your items will be abandoned and at our disposal.

The money for this item has been refunded back into your account.
>Note: If your item has encountered problems, our purchaser will leave a message for you. Please click the “chat” icon and reply if there is a “new” alert.
Please click the chat

Note: When your domestic delivery fee or item’s fee is not sufficient, you should click the “pay” button to pay the remaining fees. 
should click the pay

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