After-sales product confirmation rules

1 Whether or not the outer packaging is found to have obvious signs of damage or tearing,please check the goods in front of the courier before signing, and make a note on the waybill before signing.
2, if the package is not signed in front of the courier with damage or less pieces, please retain the outer packaging box (including the sealing tape) within 2 days after signing (subject to the time of delivery on the website of the logistics provider) feedback to the local post office, and provide us with the invoice of items, physical photos and other information.
3、When an item purchased on behalf of a customer has a quality problem after a period of use, the customer can entrust Yoybuy to contact the merchant in mainland China for a return/exchange as long as the item is still within the quality guarantee period and within the warranty period of the seller.

1)As each seller/manufacturer has their own unique principles and ways of dealing with quality issues with their products (as stated in the product quality assurance card or in the notes on the seller’s website), Yoybuy cannot guarantee that the vendor will be able to fully meet the customer’s requirements, but will do its best to fight for the customer’s benefit and satisfaction.

2) Yoybuy offers this agency service without any service charge, but the customer is responsible for all return shipping costs and risks. If the item is lost in transit or detained by customs during the return process, the customer will be responsible for all losses.

4、Please describe the your problem in detail and upload photos of the parcel packaging, physical photos of the goods, etc. Yoybuy will accept the customer’s application as soon as possible and give the customer a solution (including but not limited to measures such as refunding the cost, returning or exchanging the goods).
We will not accept the return of goods requested by the customer in the event of any of the following.

1. goods that have been exchanged, changed from their original appearance, or parts are missing.
2. goods that have been unpacked, such as software packages, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, etc.
3、 Merchandise without original proof of purchase.
4, involving goods with fewer pieces, damaged, defective, etc., need to contact customer service within 72 hours after signing for the parcel, no longer accepted after that time.

Pictures to be provided for after-sales application

1. If the product is damaged or has a large area of stains, please upload photos of the damaged or stained area
Example: damaged goods, stained goods
stained goods

2、If you receive a product size that does not match the size you purchased, you will need to take a photo of the product with the size logo and upload it (if there is no size logo on the product, it cannot be verified) Example: Size Label
it cannot be verified

3、If the product received does not match the style of the product purchased by the customer, the overall picture of the product needs to be photographed and uploaded
Example: Overall picture of the product
Overall picture of the product

4、Items less pieces

First let the customer provide the order number of the missing goods, and then provide the picture of the front of the parcel face sheet; the unpacking place of the outer parcel, the goods and the parcel weighing picture
Items less pieces

Items less pieces

As the picture shows
As the picture shows

5、If the parcel received is incorrect
Please take a photo of the waybill of the parcel received and the items in the parcel and provide the ID of one of the items received
Parcel waybill”
items received Parcel waybill

Product ID
Product ID

6、If the weight of the parcel received by the customer is incorrect: please weigh the parcel before it is unpacked and send a picture of the weighing to the customer service department.
customer service department

7、If you think we have made a mistake in measuring the size of the parcel and have paid extra for the weight, please provide a photo of the parcel waybill and the weighing of the parcel, and a photo of the 3 sides of the outer box when measuring.
box when measuring

box when measuring

box when measuring

box when measuring

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