Why does my Forwarding package show as signed for, but I don’t see it in my account

The package was not added to your account in time, possibly due to the following two reasons:

1) Because you checked this option “号码保护” when you pay your order, your YB number cannot be fully displayed on the waybill.

Please ensure to uncheck the option “号码保护” before payment, so that your YB number can fully displayed, then we could add it to your account soon after we get it.

2) Perhaps the recipient’s name YB (user ID) written on the sheet is not clear to distinguish.

Please ask your seller to write as clearly as possible

To ensure that the packages which are bought by yourself could be added to your Yoybuy warehouse in time, we create new function–Add Package
Login your account–My warehouse/My Chinese address–Add package–Click “Add package”–Fill in tracking number which provides by your seller–Submit.

This function will be great to help you to save time and energy to look for your packages

Usually we will receive your package within 3-5 working days after your seller ships it

Tips: Please be sure to fill in the waybill number before your package arrives! If your tracking number shows as used, please contact customers service (service@yoybuy.com). They will help you to confirm the status of your package. Please do not disclose your tracking number to anyone else to avoid fraudulent claims./p>

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