Paypal Payment Notes

1.Paypal has a minimum payment amount of 1USD and a maximum payment amount of 2000USD.

2.If you would like to pay a larger amount, we recommend that you pay in instalments or use wire transfer, where the handling fee is cheaper.

3.If you pay for your order via Paypal, we can only ship to your Paypal default address according to Paypal rules, if you wish to change your Paypal address, you will need to go to your Paypal account and change your delivery address. After the address change is complete, go back to your Yoybuy account and top up your Yoybuy account with 1USD and we will be able to capture your new Paypal address. However, please change your Paypal address before submitting your shipping order to avoid incorrect shipping addresses.

4.When you pay with Paypal, you may encounter items that are sensitive and cannot be paid for. Don’t worry, please top up your Yoybuy account first and then use your account balance to pay for your order.

5.When refunded by Paypal, we can only refund the money to the Paypal account you used to make the payment.

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