1.When you use the Forwarding service, 1688 will require you to fill in your Yoybuy delivery address after you have purchased an item from 1688.
The Yoybuy delivery address is as follows.
Yoybuy delivery address

2.You will need to follow the picture prompts in order to fill in the address forYoybuy.
in the address for Yoybuy

3.You can fill in all the address information into the “Automatic address matching/Auto Match Address” on the right, and the 1688 system will automatically match the information.
the 1688 system

However, please make sure you add the full name of the recipient/Recipient Name:优贝 (YB*****).

详细地址/Address: 大浪社区同富邨 工业区98号4层 优贝(西侧电梯口可入户)
邮编/Post Code:518109
收件人姓名/Recipient Name:优贝(YB*****)
手机号码/Phone No.: (+86) 19925480673

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