Membership Levels

I Yoybuy Membership Levels
I Yoybuy Membership Levels Overview
1 Once you have completed your registration on the Yoybuy website, you will become a Yoybuy Lifetime Member.
2 There are four levels of Yoybuy membership: Member, VIP, SVIP, Merchant
3 The membership level is determined by the customer’s experience, the higher the experience value, the higher the user level and the more benefits you can enjoy.
Different levels of membership can enjoy different benefits.
II Experience value for membership upgrade
Experience value for membership upgrade
III Membership Benefits
1 When you become a Yoybuy member, you will receive 4 new customer coupons worth a total of 60USD, which you can check in your Yoybuy account – My Coupons.
The rules for using the coupons are as follows.
Coupon $6 for orders ≥ $40USD
Coupon $10 for orders ≥ $60
Coupon $14 for orders ≥ $75
Coupon 30USD for orders ≥ 200USD.
And only one coupon can be used per payment. Valid for 30 days.
2 All your purchases will be converted into your points.
For Basic members, 1 point will be awarded for 1 dollar of product cost and domestic shipping.
For VIP, SVIP and Merchant members, the points value will be doubled.
These points will only be added to the YOYBUY member’s account after receipt has been confirmed. All points can be redeemed for coupon use.
IV. How to upgrade your membership
When you submit a parcel and it leaves the warehouse successfully, you will receive the experience value corresponding to the amount you have spent. 1CNY=1 experience value.
V. How to get experience value
If you spend 3000CNY at Yoybuy for the first time, you will get 3000 experience value and you will be upgraded to VIP customer.
The final right of interpretation belongs to Yoybuy.

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