Check Order Status

You can see the different status of your orders in your Yoybuy account under “My products”.
The number shown after “My products” is only the quantity of items that have arrived.
My products

Here you can see the status of all orders except for unpaid orders or orders that have been paid for but not yet processed by the purchase.

Once your purchase has started processing your order until your item has been officially added to your Yoybuy account, you can check the status of your item and the processing process here.

When the warehouse quality inspector has finished checking your product, your item will be added to your account and the item quantity will only appear after My products when the item status is changed to Arrived.

When your order is cancelled because your item is out of stock, the seller will not ship it in time or you request a cancellation yourself, all cancellation orders will appear in the area.


Here you can view all orders that have not been paid for or have been paid for pending purchase processing.

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