1.Search for the product you like from 1688 (https://www.taobao.com/) on PC, copy the product link to the Yoybuy shopping cart add box
1688 order process
Search for the product you like from 1688

2.Click on “Search” to be redirected to the product specific information options, please be sure to select the product information, if you have special requirements for the product, please make a separate note in Extra information. Click on Add to shopping cart

3.You can then click on “View shopping cart”

You can pay for the product in the Shopping cart

product to your Yoybuy shopping cart and place your order.

1、Price Description
1688 goods and shipping costs may vary due to the number of purchases, Uber will grab the highest price, your purchase will be refunded for you in accordance with the actual price.

2、MOQ description
1688 goods have “MOQ”, if you need to buy, please buy according to the “MOQ”; if your purchase quantity is lower than the MOQ, Yoybuy will judge the order invalid and modify the quantity of goods for you, you need the difference in price of items.
Yoybuy only takes stock of the standard size boxes and cannot guarantee that the exact number of items arriving is the same as your wholesale quantity. If you find that you are short or have quality problems, Yoybuy can assist you in negotiating with the seller.

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