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Anta (China) Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture and the largest comprehensive sports goods enterprise integrating manufacturing and marketing orientation in China, consisting of Anta (Fujian) Footwear Co.
Anta is a private branded sports footwear company in China, which designs, develops, manufactures and sells sports apparel, including sports footwear and apparel under the brand name of “Anta”.

Anta Related Products Chart
Anta Related Products Chart

History of Anta
In 1999, signed a spokesman contract with Kong Linghui, the world champion of table tennis, with “I choose, I like” as the advertising slogan.
In 2001, the first Anta store was opened in Beijing, starting a large-scale national brand promotion plan.
In 2002, started sales of apparel and signed a spokesman contract with NBA player Bartel.
In 2003, started sales of accessories and signed exclusive sponsorship of sports equipment for men’s/women’s national volleyball league matches for three consecutive years.
In 2004, Anta sponsored Chinese men’s basketball league in all provinces and cities, exclusively sponsored the sports equipment of the team from 2004 to 2007, and Anta became the only designated partner of CBA league sports cup.
In 2005, Anta proposed the brand concept of “Keep Moving” and set up the first sports science laboratory in China, and officially signed a contract with China Table Tennis Association.
In 2006, renewed the contract with CBA for 7 years, and the cooperation between the two sides continued until 2012, and sponsored CCTV “Anta CCTV Sports Personality” as the title.
In 2007, listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, signed spokesman contracts with NBA Houston Rockets players Steve Francis and Luis Scola.
In 2008, President Ding Zhizhong participated in the Olympic torch relay in Quanzhou as an Olympic torchbearer.
In 2009, Anta signed a contract with the Chinese Olympic Committee and became a partner of the Chinese sports delegation.
On October 20, 2017, Anta Sports acquired 100% of the shares of the famous children’s clothing brand KingKow and the ownership of the relevant trademarks, opening a multi-brand strategy in the children’s sporting goods market.
On June 28, 2020, Anta (China) Co., Ltd. was selected as the “2020 List of Provincial Leading Enterprises of Industry and Information Technology in Fujian Province”.

On August 31, 2021, Anta (China) Co., Ltd. passed the review evaluation of National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise in 2021.

Anta Nitrogen Technology
Anta Nitrogen Technology, a new generation of midsole technology launched in September 2021, maximizes the ability of basketball shoes and running shoes in three aspects: “Resilient, Lightweight and Long-lasting”.
Anta Nitrogen Technology makes the product more “Resilient, Lightweight and Long-lasting”, providing professional runners and sports enthusiasts with a smooth running as well as a high elasticity experience. The new generation of midsole technology creates the ultimate lightweight running experience. This is also the first nylon elastomer microporous foam technology.
By using nitrogen as a physical foaming agent under supercritical conditions, it creates superb elasticity in the midsole, bringing high bounce and cushioning. In addition, the midsole’s anti-deformation function has been further upgraded to make the shoe more stable.


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