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Shanghai Warrior Shoes Co., Ltd. is an independent legal entity invested by Shanghai Huayi (Group) Company, specializing in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of Warrior brand sports shoes and other kinds of shoes, and exporting to dozens of countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America.
Based on the product development concept of “people-oriented, sports-oriented, and health-promoting”, and with technological innovation as the core, Warrior Footwear is actively developing popular sports and leisure shoes, while also focusing on the research and development of professional sports shoes and outdoor fitness shoes with high technical content, and striving to contribute to the improvement of competitive sports and fitness sports in China.
In addition, Warrior has also expanded a variety of lightweight injection-molded casual shoes, rain shoes, sandals and other series of products by means of brand operation and technical management.

Warrior Related Products Chart
Warrior Related Products Chart

History of Warrior
On April 4, 1935, Shanghai Chint officially registered the Chinese “Hui Li” and English “Warrior” brands.
In 1948, during the “National Games” held at the Jiangwan Stadium in Shanghai, the “Warrior” brand was further promoted.
In October 1956, the Warrior brand 565 long sneakers were specially designed and put into production for China’s basketball players participating in the Olympic Games.
In August 1981, the Warrior brand WB-1 basketball shoes were officially designed and shaped, and the Warrior “F hook” was born.
In 1988, the National Silver Award was issued by the National Quality Award Validation Committee.
In 1989, the Ministry of Chemical Industry issued the certificate of quality products of Warrior brand basketball shoes.
In 1996, Shanghai Rubber Shoe Company merged Shanghai Rubber Shoe Factory No.6 and Shanghai Rubber Shoe Factory No.7 to establish Shanghai Warrior Footwear General Factory.
In 1997, it was recognized as Shanghai Famous Trademark.
In 2010, designated as the manufacturer and retailer of Shanghai World Expo.
In 2014, the image sculpture of “Warrior” was unveiled in the flagship store of Warrior, which conveyed the identification belief of Warrior people to pursue the future with caution and inherit innovation.
In 2015, the 30th anniversary of the establishment of China Rubber Industry Association, Warrior Shoes won the “Enterprise Innovation and Development Award”, “Advantageous Brand Award” and “Industry Development Contribution Award”.
In March 2016, Warrior successfully registered two “F hook” trademarks.

In 2021, the company was selected as one of the top 15 domestic sports shoes brands in 2021 by iiMedia Ranking.

Why you should choose Warrior shoes, here are some reasons.
1.Cost effective, the price is affordable to the people, the quality of the things is good, and it will give people a comfortable experience when wearing them. It is very comfortable without grinding feet, and the soles are very flexible.
2.Fashion and all-match, the main casual Warrior shoes with pants of various versions are very versatile, not only can easily match the daily work wear, but also highlight our sense of fashion. In addition, the commuter outfit is simple and stylish, and it is also very temperamental when paired with Warrior shoes.


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