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Bank Transfer


Bank transfer refers to the establishment of a correspondence between a shareholder’s personal settlement deposit account (or debit card) opened in a bank and a securities company’s fund account, and then transferring funds between the bank and the securities company through the bank’s telephone banking, online banking, branch self-service equipment and the securities company’s telephone, online trading system and self-service equipment in the securities company’s business department, providing convenience for the shareholder to access his or her money.

Bank transfer business is the premise and foundation for the development of e-commerce of brokerage firms, and the development of bank transfer business has greatly promoted the development of e-commerce of brokerage firms.

Bank Transfer
Bank Transfer
Target Users

Mainly used by some investors who have frequent access to securities transaction settlement funds.



A funds transfer operation can be completed in just a few seconds, making securities trading operations faster and easier.


You don’t have to carry a lot of cash to and from securities trading places, thus eliminating the worry of counterfeit bills; greatly reducing the risk of margin being misappropriated by securities companies.


Customers can access their funds at various business branches of banks.


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