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Founded in 1998, Yanwen is a leading integrated logistics service provider for cross-border export e-commerce in China.

With the mission of “Made in China, Delivering to the World”, the company focuses on providing customers with fast delivery by integrating global logistics resources and building a professional and diversified logistics product-service system.

Yanwen specializes in safe and cost-effective door-to-door delivery service, supported by an independent research and development integrated logistics information management platform. It has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with global large-scale cross-border e-commerce platforms such as AliExpress, Amazon, Wish, and eBay.

After years of development, Yanwen has established a highly coordinated logistics network. It has set up six distribution centers and 37 freight forwarding centers across the country, serving more than 200 countries and regions around the world. It is one of the companies with the widest service coverage and accessibility.

With the vision of “becoming the most trusted cross-border e-commerce logistics partner”, Yanwen accelerates the global network layout, increases investment in cross-border logistics infrastructure, builds a technology-driven global smart logistics system, and continues to provide customers with high-quality cross-border logistics. It aims to help customers solve the pain points of cross-border e-commerce logistics, cultivate new momentum for foreign trade, and help more Chinese cross-border export e-commerce enterprises to go global.

Yanwen Express
Yanwen Express

1. Wide range of goods collection
Yanwen has 50 self-built processing outlets, which can meet the collection needs of 95% of merchants.
2. Product diversification
Yanwen provides merchants with various types of logistics services such as surface mail, tracking, and dedicated lines. Merchants can adapt to corresponding services according to their own needs.
3. Multi-country coverage
Yanwen can provide logistics services to most countries/regions in the world. Yanwen Airlines’ economic packages can reach 40 major countries and you can choose the route with the best service quality and the best delivery time according to different countries.
4. Upgrading Equipment
It invests in more automatic intelligent sorting equipment, automatic input packaging equipment, and security inspection equipment to further improve operational efficiency and capabilities.
5. Advantages of heavy cargo express
Yanwen can satisfy customers to send large and heavy goods overseas, provide international heavy goods services, with stable timeliness and high cost-effective service advantages, and can help sellers using FBA to deliver goods to the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan’s Amazon warehouse services, including air delivery, sea delivery of various integrated logistics services.


Timeliness is not very high.
The timeliness of YunExpress is lower than that of commercial expresses such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx.

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Shipforme Process

1. Sign in/register for Yoybuy warehouse address

2. Place orders to Yoybuy warehouse address

3. Weighing and safety inspection of goods after the packages arrive at Yoybuy warehouse

4. Submit and pay for your orders

5. Shipping & Customer Sign-Off

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