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EMS (Express Mail Service) is a postal express service, an international mail express service managed by the Universal Postal Union, and is an express service provided by China Post in China.

This business enjoys priority in customs, aviation and other departments. It delivers various documents and items such as international and domestic urgent letters, documents, financial instruments, and commodity samples to users with high quality.

EMS express has an efficient and developed mail processing center. There are more than 200 processing centers nationwide, of which the Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou processing centers reach 30,000 square meters, more than 20,000 square meters and 37,000 square meters respectively. At the same time, each processing center is equipped with advanced automatic sorting equipment. China Post Air Express Logistics Distribution Center, the largest in Asia with advanced technology and equipment, was also built and put into use in Nanjing in 2008.

EMS express also has leading information processing capabilities. An information office platform with more than 300 cities in China as the core has been established, which is linked with the Universal Postal Union (UPU) query system to realize global tracking and query of EMS mail. A real-time information query system integrating website, SMS and telephone has been established.

Postal Airlines
Postal Airlines

1.Seamless coverage
The network terminals owned by the global postal service cover thousands of households. The mail delivery network of the six postal offices in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and the United States has a total of 260 million delivery points, 500,000 delivery employees, and 140,000 postal business institutions. Using the postal network provides you with safe, accurate and fast delivery with the widest coverage.
2.Multi-channel information access
EMS website platforms and postal business windows are all over urban and rural areas.
3.Real-time tracking
Through the mail tracking and inquiry service of EMS, you can know the whole process information of the delivered mail in real time.
4.Commitment time limit
EMS uses the unique postal code resources of the post to calculate the commitment time limit according to the method from postal code to postal code. The promised time limit is the maximum delivery time limit for the mail delivered by the customer, and the actual delivery time may be shorter than the promised time limit.
5.Delay compensation
If the actual delivery time of the mail exceeds the promised time limit due to postal reasons, the postage fee charged will be refunded.


1.The timeliness advantage is not obvious.
The speed is slower than that of the commercial express.
2.The compensation period is long.
In the event of lost parts, cargo damage, etc., the claims are cumbersome, and the compensation period is also relatively long.


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3. Weighing and safety inspection of goods after the packages arrive at Yoybuy warehouse

4. Submit and pay for your orders

5. Shipping & Customer Sign-Off

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