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Aramex is the world’s leading integrated logistics solution provider and a professional express company in the Middle East with international express as its core business. Its main business covers international express, freight forwarding, domestic express, magazine and newspaper delivery.

Aramex is the first local express delivery company in the Arab world and the only Arab company listed on NASDAQ. It is strong, with a network that spans all corners of the Arab world and is reaching out globally.

Arab companies know the Middle East best and know how to overcome the inconveniences unique to the Middle East. The biggest advantage of ARAMEX cash on delivery (recipient pays) is that the sender does not have any risk. Generally, international express delivery requires the sender to sign a letter of guarantee (that is, if the recipient refuses to pay the freight, it will be automatically changed to be paid by the sender), and each ticket paid by ARAMEX will confirm the payment with the sender in advance, and the shipment will not be arranged until the recipient confirms the payment. The sender will not be charged due to the recipient’s refusal to pay.

History of aramex Express
History of aramex Express

Aramex Express is the first choice for international shipments to Middle East countries. The time limit is very guaranteed, the normal time limit is 3 working days, the general time is 2-5 days. The main advantages are more significant in more than 20 countries such as the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia.
1.Freight price advantage
The price has a significant advantage in sending to the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and other countries, which is about 60% of DHL.
2.Timeliness advantage
The timeliness is guaranteed, and the package can be delivered within 3 to 5 days after it is sent, which greatly shortens the commercial distance between countries in the world.
3.No remoteness problems
There is no remoteness in all countries in the world, and there is no additional remoteness cost to reach all countries in the world.
4.Convenient tracking and query
The package can be tracked and queried on the official website of Aramex, the status is updated in real-time, and the sender can track the latest news of the package at all times.
5.Strong customs clearance ability
As a local express in the Middle East, Aramex has strong customs clearance capabilities in the Middle East.


1.The type of goods is strict.
Batteries, imitation brands, imitation goods, and prohibited items are not accepted.
2.The weight limit of the single piece is strict.
The weight of a single piece shall not exceed 30KG, and the length of one side shall not exceed 120cmx50cm50cm; if the weight of a single piece exceeds 30KG, the size must be less than 240*190*110CM.


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