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Matson Navigation Company, Inc., headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, is a listed company on the New York Stock Exchange. Since its establishment in 1882, Matson has been focusing on the transportation business in the Pacific market, not only providing important maritime transportation services between Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Micronesia and various regions and countries in the South Pacific, but also operating a boutique express shipping service from China to California, USA for trans-Pacific container transportation.

Matson has exclusive terminals in all major ports on the west coast of the United States and enjoys a high reputation in the industry for its efficient and fast services.

Matson’s first trans-Pacific boutique CLX (China Long Beach Express) route started in February 2006, calling at Ningbo, Shanghai in turn, and then directly to Long Beach, Hawaii, Honolulu, Guam and Okinawa. The whole journey from Shanghai to Long Beach takes 10.5 days. After the ship arrives at Long Beach Port, the goods can be conveniently picked up at the yard outside the port area the next day, creating a new concept of “fast and punctual” in the industry.

Matson China has expanded its service scope to Xiamen, Yantian, Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions through cooperative branch companies. At present, Matson has its own companies and branches in Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.


1.The voyage timeliness is fast.
The goods can be delivered to the port in about ten days.
2.Matson has its own wharves.
In addition to fast timeliness, Matson has its own exclusive wharves in Los Angeles. The other shipping companies use public wharves, so Matson is more efficient in picking up containers, this advantage is the most significant in the peak shipping season, it is not easy to arrange warehouses, and the stability is good.
3.The shipping schedule is fixed.
The ship will be shipped at a fixed time every week. If you want to ship, you need to arrange the goods in advance.
4.The freight is cheap.
The freight of Matson Express by sea will be much lower than that of air freight, which will greatly reduce the freight cost. If the delivery is not in a hurry and the time is reserved enough, you can choose Matson.


Higher price
Because Matson is the fastest channel of all clippers, it also has the highest price.


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