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Correios is a state-owned company that has operated Brazil’s national postal service since the 17th century. It is Brazil’s largest employer, with more than 109,000 own and outsourced employees, and is the only company with operations in all cities in the country, with an extensive network of owned and franchised units.

Correios is a postal sector that is undergoing a complete overhaul. The Brazilian Ministry of Communications hopes to rely on ongoing reforms to transform Correios into an organization that is more innovative, dynamic, flexible and sensitive to the problems of its customers. In its new postal sector, the multifunctional point of sale provides high-quality services, including payments for water, electricity, and telephone bills, as well as banking and savings, to residents across the country.

The Brazilian Ministry of Communications also wants the new Correios to operate on an equal footing with private operators in a competitive market while remaining in good economic and financial shape.


1.Fast Timeliness
The average sign-off time is 10-25 days, which is generally faster than similar products in the market.
2.Package tracking
It provides end-to-end tracking and query services.
3.Safe and stable
Customers can enjoy the superior service of Correios for general cargo and domestic electricity, with a delivery rate of over 90%.
4.Strong customs clearance capability
Correios has green customs clearance and can complete customs clearance within one day at the earliest.


1.Taxes and additional charges
In Brazil, international parcels that use Correios’ postal service are subject to a 60% import tax.
2.Insufficient information notification
Consumers sometimes do not receive a notification when a parcel arrives at Correios or while waiting for customs to pay the fee, resulting in the parcel being put on hold because the tax has not been paid. This results in consumers waiting too long, mistakenly believing that their purchase has not yet arrived in Brazil, and asking the seller for a refund.


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