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China-Europe Railway Express


The China-Europe Railway Express refers to the container international railway intermodal train that runs between China, Europe, and countries along the Belt and Road route according to the conditions of fixed trains and routes.

In March 2011, the first China-Europe Railway Express departed from Chongqing to Duisburg, Germany, marking the beginning of the innovative development of China-Europe Railway Express.

The logistics organization of China-Europe Railway Express is becoming more and more mature, the economic and trade exchanges between countries along the trains are becoming more and more active, and the cooperation between railways, ports, customs and other departments between countries is becoming more and more close. It played an important role in transforming the Silk Road from the original “trade road” into an “economic belt” where industries and population agglomerated.

China-Europe Railway Express
China-Europe Railway Express

1. There are more and more departures.
In 2011, the number of China-Europe trains was only 17; in 2017, the number of trains had reached 3,673; by the end of August 2018, the total number of trains had reached 10,000.
2. The coverage of the line is getting bigger and bigger.
At present, the China Railway Express has opened 65 lines, connecting 42 cities in 14 countries, including Russia. Overseas, China-Europe Railway Express connects different regions and countries in Eurasia, including the European Union, Russia, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.
3. The operating model is relatively clear.
Taking domestic goods shipped to foreign countries through China-Europe Railway Express as an example, the general process is: the domestic freight consignor signs a cargo transportation agreement with the local line platform company, and the line platform company signs an agreement with the domestic and foreign railway transportation carriers, who are responsible for the domestic and foreign railway transportation respectively, and finally delivers the goods to the foreign consignee.
4. The timeliness and cost of the China Railway Express are the biggest advantages.
The transportation time of China Railway Express (Chengdu) is only 1/3 of that of sea freight, and the transportation cost is only 1/6 to 1/8 of that of air freight.


China-Europe Railway Express has strict requirements on products.
China-Europe Railway Express does not accept the goods like contraband, liquid, powder, flammable, dangerous, imitation brands, food, tobacco and alcohol, chemical products, vacuum products, etc.

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