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CDEK, a Russian dedicated line channel, was established in Novosibirsk in 2000, and its first regional office was established in Moscow in 2001. In recent years, it has developed rapidly. In 2013, the “Express Mail” business has opened 47 franchise branches and has more than 115 franchise offices in Russia and the CIS countries. In 2014, it opened a representative office in Beijing, becoming the only express carrier with an office in China.

CDEK has more than 300 branches throughout Russia and has stable cooperation with many e-commerce platforms such as AliExpress under Alibaba of China.

Among them, the E-packet-Russia (limited time) project jointly launched by Ali E-commerce Logistics and CDEK, is a special line service in Russia, and a logistics product specially designed for the logistics needs of domestic sellers in Russia, with lower prices, unlimited package weight, and all the logistics data is updated in real time with the AliExpress background.

CDEK has now become the second-largest express company in Russia, second only to Russia Post. CDEK is equipped with special customs clearance personnel at various ports, and its customs clearance strength is also favored.

CDEK Logistics
CDEK Logistics

1.Stable Timeliness
It usually takes about 12 to 25 days for delivery.
2. Price advantage
It continuously improves existing prices and services and introduces new rates, which are faster and cheaper.
3. Package Tracking
The whole process of one order can be tracked to the end on the CDEK official website.
4. District-wide delivery
They provide the delivery service in local places in Russia.
5. Strong customs clearance ability
Equipped with professional customs clearance personnel, CDEK also has personnel responsible for customs clearance.
6. Wide range of products
Products that can be sent include charged products, pure batteries, non-regulated knives, nail polish, electronic cigarettes, masks, etc.
7. No limit for the package weight.
The weight should be above 0.1KG, with no upper limit.


1.Certain countries
CDEK Express is only convenient for certain countries, not all around the world.
2.Not very high timeliness
The timeliness of CDEK is not as good as commercial expresses such as DHL and UPS.


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