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SafetyPay operates the largest network of banks and cash collection points in Latin America, the result of 10+ years effort, with presence in 16 countries consolidated with 380 bank partners and 180,000 collection points. It has a robust technology with an infrastructure that can support growth without significant incremental investments in it.

SafetyPay operates the largest network
SafetyPay operates the largest network

As a multinational financial institution, SafetyPay has the mission to encourage payment inclusion to all Latam population by giving access to pay in e-commerce merchants, and enable abroad merchants the opportunity to make cross border sales.


For shoppers:

1.Democratize e-commerce and make it a feasible reality for unbanked consumers, allowing them to place orders and pay for them with cash or bank transfer.

2.Reduce the online fraud risk, protecting consumer bank information.

3.Enable consumers to shop from merchants worldwide and pay directly from their bank accounts and in local currency.

For merchants:

1.Enable incremental sales by processing payments of unbanked and international consumers.

2.Reduce the number of chargebacks.


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Shipforme Process

1. Sign in/register for Yoybuy warehouse address

2. Place orders to Yoybuy warehouse address

3. Weighing and safety inspection of goods after the packages arrive at Yoybuy warehouse

4. Submit and pay for your orders

5. Shipping & Customer Sign-Off

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