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DHL is a logistics company founded in the United States and is currently wholly owned by Deutsche Post Group. It is currently one of the largest logistics companies in the world.

From 2002, Deutsche Post took full control of its shares and consolidated DHL, Danzas and EuroExpress into the new DHL Air Cargo. In 2003, Deutsche Post acquired Airborne Express in the United States and integrated it into DHL Air Cargo. In 2005, Deutsche Post acquired the British company Exel plc and integrated it into DHL Air Cargo. So far, DHL Express has one of the most complete express networks in the world, which can reach 120,000 destinations in 220 countries and regions.

DHL is a logistics company founded in the United
DHL is a logistics company founded in the United

1. Fast Timeliness
Fast timeliness is the most advantageous feature of DHL International Express. In North America, Europe, and Australia, the receipt can be completed within 2-5 days. In Southeast Asia, the receipt can be completed within 1-3 days.
2. Strong capacity
DHL International Express has sufficient air flight resources. According to public data, DHL Express owns 300 aircraft and cooperates with Boeing to continue to order cargo aircraft, which has a strong capacity.
3. High security
The logistics channels of DHL International Express basically adopt the direct flight mode, including direct flights from mainland China and Hong Kong. The advantage of this is that the number of goods forwarding is less, there is no need for multiple security inspections and sorting. The loss rate is low, and the safety is high.
4. A wide range of mailings
According to the official introduction of DHL Express, the company can carry goods to more than 220 countries and regions around the world, with a wide range of mailings.
5. Fast compensation
Compared with special line logistics, postal parcels, and international EMS, DHL express’s compensation efficiency is the fastest.


1.Strict restrictions on applicable items
DHL Express does not accept any sensitive items, including electrical items, liquid items, paste items, cosmetics, imitation brand items, pure batteries, etc., and the scope of applicable items is small.
2.No advantages in some countries in service
DHL express is not able to provide high-quality and good logistics services in all countries, such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile and other countries in South America, not only the service quality is poor, the route flight resources are few there, but also the price is extremely expensive.
Except for South America, it has no obvious advantages in Central Asia and Africa. In Southeast Asia, the advantage is not as good as the FedEx express. In Indonesia and Russia, the delivery is particularly difficult. For these countries, we suggest that you choose postal logistics, which have more abundant logistics resources and stronger customs clearance capabilities.

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