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Boleto Bancário


Boleto Bancário, an official Brazilian payment method regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil, is the most common payment method for local online payments in Brazil, mainly due to the low usage of online credit card payments in Brazil.

Boleto Bancário, an official Brazilian payment method regulated
Boleto Bancário, an official Brazilian payment method regulated

Boleto is a payment method supported by several Brazilian banks using the Bar Code identifier and is dominant in Brazil, where customers can go to any bank or use online banking to authorize bank transfers.

Payment Features

1. Once payment is made, there will be no rejection or counterfeit, ensuring the security of the merchant’s transaction.

2. Support online and offline payment, consumers need to print the payment slip online and make payment through online banking, offline banking or other designated outlets.

3. Single payment limit from US$1 – US$3,000; cumulative monthly payments not to exceed US$3,000.

4. Non-online real-time payment, consumers can pay within 1-3 days, each bank needs 1-3 business days to complete data exchange, so each transaction usually takes about 2 days to a week to complete payment.

5. No margin or revolving margin, while paypal or credit card will generally have a certain transaction margin, as well as a 10% revolving margin, which causes a lot of pressure on the merchant’s cash flow.

Shipforme Process

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3. Weighing and safety inspection of goods after the packages arrive at Yoybuy warehouse

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5. Shipping & Customer Sign-Off

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