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The founder and CEO of Vivo is Shen Wei. He is a participant and promoter in China’s consumer electronics industry and mobile communications industry, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

Vivo is an international brand focusing on the smartphone field. Vivo pursues smart products that are fun, vibrant, professional sound quality, ultimate image, and delightful experience, and makes it a firm pursuit for Vivo to dare to pursue the ultimate and continue to create surprises.

VIVO related products chart
VIVO related products chart

History of Vivo
In 2009, the Vivo brand was registered globally, and has been registered in more than 100 countries worldwide so far.
In 2011, the Vivo brand officially entered the smartphone field, and released smartphone Vivo V1 in November, which supported SRS sound and the concept of music phone advertising was deeply rooted.
In July 2013, Vivo’s first flagship experience store was officially opened in Hangzhou Yan’an Road, marking a new mode of user communication and interaction for Vivo.
In May 2014, Vivo released the first product of the Hi-Fi extreme shooting series Xshot series, Vivo Xshot, and joined hands with National Geographic magazine to hold the Vivo image city hunting activity to record the beauty of urban humanities and geography through the Xshot phone, and the product’s photography function was widely praised.
In November 2015, Vivo held the “fast enough to be fast” new product launch event and released the latest flagship of X series, Vivo X6, which focused on the “fast” experience for the first time, marking that “fast” has been rooted in Vivo’s product features since then.
In January 2017, Vivo was awarded the IDG 2017 Global Leading Smartphone Brand at the 50th International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
On February 12, 2019, the Vivo sub-brand iQOO was announced.
On December 17, 2020, Vivo Zeiss global imaging strategic cooperation conference was held. Vivo announced a strategic cooperation with Zeiss, and Vivo then confirmed that the new X60 series phones to be launched at the end of this month will use Zeiss lenses, which are not simply used, but after a deep joint research and development.

On November 29, 2021, a new version of Vivo’s cell phone operating system – the original system OriginOS – was officially announced, with the version named Ocean and scheduled for release on December 9.

Why you should choose Vivo, here are some reasons.
1.Exquisite appearance and fashionable design, Vivo started with the main focus on the appearance, quality control and fashion, mainly to attract young people to buy and make its market become dynamic. Therefore, the appearance of Vivo cell phone looks beautiful and fashionable, and the hand grip is also very good.
2.Good sound quality, Vivo has done a very good job in sound quality in order to allow consumers to enjoy the appearance and sound of the “audio-visual feast”, and to improve the overall experience of users. It can even be said directly and clearly that if you want a mobile phone with good sound quality, then the Vivo mobile phone is definitely a good choice.

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