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OPPO, or OPPO Guangdong Mobile Communication Co., Ltd, founded by Mr. Chen Mingyong and others in 2004, is a leading global smart terminal manufacturer and mobile Internet service provider with operations in more than 50 countries and regions.

OPPO unlocks the future with cell phones, and when the future has come, OPPO defines it with the intergration of all things, allowing users to enjoy intelligent digital life to the fullest. While deepening its cell phone business, OPPO started to build a multi-intelligent terminal ecology in 2019 to create entry-level products for users to use across scenes with high frequency.

OPPO related products chart
OPPO related products chart

History of OPPO
In 2001, Chen Mingyong founded the OPPO brand and assumed the position of CEO.
In 2004, OPPO (China) was established and Chen Mingyong became CEO, leading OPPO to become the industry leader since then.
In 2005, OPPO launched its first MP3: OPPO X3 and OPPO X9, which was known as the best value at that time, and was regarded as “the real opening of the door for domestic MP3, and it was the first milestone classic that was not inferior to any of the products of international manufacturers.”
In 2008, OPPO launched the intelligent walkman OPPO S9, which became another classic in the field of digital walkman.
In December 2009, OPPO launched its first slider phone, OPPO A201.
In June 2011, OPPO launched its first smartphone – OPPO X903 (Find), which is also the first domestic side-sliding Android smartphone.
In the third quarter of 2016, data from market research firm Counterpoint Research and IDC showed that OPPO shipped 20.1 million units, with a market share of 17.5%, ranking first.
In 2017, OPPO won the brand loyalty ranking of Chinese “millennials”.
In November 2018, OPPO launched OPPO R17 and OPPO R17 Pro in Milan, Italy, and also announced that OPPO’s second global design center will be located in London, UK.
On July 17, 2019, eight 5G phones received 3C certification on the official website of China Quality Certification Center (3C certification), including OPPO Reno 5G.
In December 2021, OPPO will launch its first self-developed chip, or 6nm NPU.
On December 14, 2021, OPPO officially launched a new generation of smart glasses – OPPO Air Glass.

On Dec. 16, 2021, MediaTek held the Tiangui flagship strategy and new platform launch and officially announced the Tiangui 9000 flagship 5G mobile platform, which is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2022.

Why you should choose OPPO, here are some reasons.
1.Good features for photograpgy, Oppo smartphones were the pioneers of featuring 5MP and 16MP front cameras, rotating cameras as well as 5x dual zoom technology with Ultra HD quality for photographs. Back in 2012, “selfie phones” with built-in beautifying features were the best Oppo smartphones.
2.Good-looking, OPPO cell phones are very good-looking, basically the face of each model in the similar cell phones are more top, and now people’s requirements for the appearance are also more and more high, OPPO cell phones are designed to meet the pursuit of people for the appearance of beauty.


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