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What keyboard is worth buying in 2020?

Maybe it’s because you’re typing too much and want to change your taste, or maybe it’s because friends around you planted grass by word of mouth, and you have set a budget for yourself to buy a mechanical keyboard.

For each keyboard, this article introduces from two aspects:

Keywords: What configuration? What shaft? Does it support wireless? Is there a backlight? What material is the keycap?
Keyboard features: Mainly introduce the brand’s popular science (brand premium is also one of the factors of purchase, I hope to use my poor knowledge to try to introduce the style and positioning of a certain brand) and the main selling points of specific models.

◉ RK RK61

RK61 adopts a 61-key arrangement that can be put into your pocket. The feature of this arrangement is very streamlined, so many operations need to be used with shortcut keys, but the appearance of the small keyboard is also leveraged.
The low-profile version uses a domestic shaft (maybe a high special shaft, which has not been carefully verified) and an ABS material keycap. It supports Bluetooth wired (interface Micro-USB/Type-C) dual-mode and can be connected to an iPad.


2.AKKO 3108

My first mechanical keyboard was AKKO. At that time, AKKO was still cooperating with Ducky, and I bought the “AKKO & Ducky” style. After the two major factories broke up, there were still some disputes over the design.

And AKKO 3108 can be regarded as having passed the test of the market, and the quality does not need to be said. Although there is also a saying that “AKKO big keys are more meaty than IKBC”, the metaphysics of the feel is basically different for every keyboard, and you only know when you receive the goods.

Compared with Gauss’s GS87C, the 3108’s side-engraved keycap design makes the characters not easy to wear. In addition, the keyboard has four colors of black/white/pink/blue. As the entry series, it is not equipped with a backlight. Fortunately, the lamp position is reserved. , You can install it yourself (but there is no warranty if you remove it).


3.iKBC F87

The appearance of F87 and C87 is basically the same. The PBT material keycaps and the two-color injection-molded closed characters are also practical and beautiful. The keyboard is available in five colors: black/white/pink/yellow/green, and you can freely match the cherries black/red/tea/green/silver shafts. The feel is very balanced and the reputation has always been good. The white version is really beautiful with ice blue lighting.

In addition, the F87 used to have a backlight timing function called “time machine”, which can turn the keyboard into a desktop clock, but now it has been replaced by a variety of backlight modes. It is probably educated by the market. It feels a pity.


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