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Recommended cost-effective headphones

1.Surface Headphones 2

The wearing feel is very comfortable, the earmuffs are soft, and the weight is light without the chuck. The fitting part of the ear adopts the shape of the human ear. Through the fitting part, the internal sound-generating unit can be seen. omnisonic sound quality, the mid-to-high and low frequencies of this headset are relatively balanced, the low-frequency dive is not deep, and the mid-frequency three-dimensional sense is very good. Human voice analysis and audio decomposition are also good. But overall the sound quality still has some gaps compared to Sony xm3. (Now the price of xm3 is only 1599, it seems that this earphone is less cost-effective) Focus on adjustable noise reduction, 13 levels of noise reduction adjustment. The passive noise reduction effect of the headset itself is also very good. Regarding operation, there is a scroll wheel on the outside of the headset to adjust the volume, and the left-hand ear dial can be used to adjust 13 levels of active noise reduction. Use touch and language functions to play music and make calls. Dictation is available in Word, Outlook, and other Microsoft 365 applications*.


2.Sony WH-1000XM3

This noise reduction capability is definitely worth mentioning. It is recommended after seeing the evaluation of the Great God. Others use the data to speak, the noise reduction ability is very good, and the sound quality performance is better than BOSE QC35 II. The weight of the Sony WH-1000XM3 is about 250g, which is about 20g lighter than the previous generation, and the head beam part adopts a design that more closely fits the curve of the head. The pressure when wearing is much less, and the comfort is greatly improved. There are two physical buttons on the left edge of the headset that can be used for control. Users can switch on and off and switch the noise reduction mode. The entire panel on the right side of the headset supports touch operation. Depending on the user’s touch method, you can cut the song, Adjust volume, make calls, etc. One of the characteristics of this sound quality is the heavy bass.



This will basically be compared to the WH1000XM-3, because the price is basically the same, the same noise reduction headphones, and they are all cost-effective products. Summarizing some evaluations, the noise reduction function is still stronger than that of Sony, but this one is comfortable to wear. It feels good. Indeed, I also mentioned that Sony’s ears will feel a little uncomfortable after being worn for a long time (subjective evaluation)

One of the earphones that has always been rated better. After reading a series of evaluations, the most prominent feature is that all the gods praise the BOSE QC35 II’s noise reduction function, and many of them comment on its active noise reduction. perfect. In addition, the part of the earmuff that fits the ear is very comfortable, and the wearing experience is excellent, giving you the ultimate enjoyment. This combination of active and passive noise reduction is very good, and the overall noise reduction effect is very good.


4. AKG N700NCM2

Wearing Bluetooth, an AKG active noise-canceling headset, many enthusiasts will think that active noise-cancellation still chooses Sony, Bose. Combining sound quality and noise reduction, I think it is still possible to consider AKG’s headphones. This is a Bluetooth noise-canceling headset designed according to the Harman curve. Compared with the previous generation, noise floor performance is optimized. If you pay more attention to sound quality and need a certain noise reduction function, AKG N700NCM2 is a good choice. The sound quality of the AKG reference level is still excellent, the fullness of the sound and the performance of the rhythm are impeccable, the performance is very stable, and the music in the high-frequency band is also clear and soothing. It has a good three-band resolution, high separation between vocals and background instruments, and it has outstanding advantages in dynamic and transient performance, especially in low frequencies, moderate dive depth, fast rebound, and sufficient sense of volume.


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