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How to choose the manufacturer on the Alibaba

If you buy good quality products on Alibaba? In other words, how to choose high-quality Alibaba merchants? This problem must have troubled many consumers. Today I will share with you a few ways to find quality sellers.

1. Integrity through annual fee 6688 yuan, requirements, as long as you have a business license can be. (The threshold is the lowest, and you can’t filter out high-quality merchants. The longer the honesty, the better. In fact, I don’t agree, because as long as you pay on time every year without closing the online store, you can automatically upgrade, whether you are a high-quality merchant or not, so honesty. The period of time can neither prove that you are a high-quality business, nor that you are not a high-quality business, and the screening success rate is 20% or even 10%)

2. Powerful businesses (the logo is bullhead), the annual fee for the women’s wear industry is 58,000, and the annual fee for the non-women’s industry is 28,000, and the premise is that you must first join Integrity and the company’s registered capital is at least 50w. This threshold is higher, which is equivalent to upgrading Version, to screen out relatively high-quality merchants (similar to Tmall to Taobao). Generally speaking, it is okay to choose a strong merchant, and then it is not enough! The “Strength Excellent Products” section is all-powerful merchants. By this step, the screening success rate is 60%.

3. In-depth factory inspection and in-depth factory inspection (if you are a manufacturer, you can apply for in-depth factory inspection, if you are non-production, you can only apply for in-depth factory inspection) This is generally based on the strength of the business, and then upgrade Too. So this is more powerful than ordinary powerful merchants. Compared with in-depth inspections, I am more inclined to in-depth inspections, because manufacturers can guarantee their products, and the source price is obviously more than that from dealers. Cheap. At this step, the screening success rate can reach 80%. Then it’s not enough! I want a higher success rate!

4.In all the in-depth factory inspections, click the “Company Profile” “File Report” to view the company’s number and size, it is recommended to consider more than at least 50 people, preferably more than 100 people. The more people, the better. Generally, large companies raise so many people, and the quality is relatively more guaranteed. At this step, the screening success rate can reach 98%!

To review: specific steps: go to http://1688.com, choose to enter “Strength Excellent Products” and then select “Deep Inspection” and finally choose more people, at least 50 people, preferably more than 100 people. The more people, the better. (It needs to be explained here: I don’t mean that manufacturers with a small number of people will certainly not be able to do quality, but just a matter of probability. Manufacturers with a large number of large-scale manufacturers have a much higher probability of excellent quality. We are buying things, not doing. For scientific research, we don’t need to find all the high-quality sellers in the market. We only need to let ourselves want to buy something. 98% (or even 100%) of the possibilities come from high-quality sellers! Can the number of employees be fake? Don’t worry about this , This is Alibaba commissioned four major international evaluation agencies to check, and every year to review, high credibility.)

Final conclusion: high-quality business = strength business + in-depth inspection + more employees

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