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Maniform is the first underwear brand established by Huijie Group.
In 1999, Maniform combined traditional Chinese festivals with traditional folk customs and integrated the unique national culture of “Dragon and Phoenix” into China.
In the design concept of underwear, Maniform has established the brand’s original position in the Chinese underwear industry.

Maniform brand product chart
Maniform brand product chart

History of Maniform
In 1996, Maniform’s first store opened in Beijing.
In 1999, Maniform launched the Dragon and Phoenix “Red” series. This innovative design leads women to a new understanding of underwear fashion.
In 2000, Maniform formed a strategic partnership with Carin International, France, which provided fashion trends in sync with Europe. Maniform and her customers were once again at the forefront of fashion trends.
In March 2005, Maniform was rated as “No. 1 in the market of similar products for three consecutive years” by the China Chamber of Commerce.
In April 2005, Maniform launched the “Light Arc” series, using innovative Spanish invisible fabrics, the product weighs only 44 grams, allowing women to completely get rid of the constraints and enter the perfect and relaxed freehand realm.
In 2008, Maniform officially signed the plan to build “Jiangxi Maniform Industrial Park” in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province.
In March 2009, “Jiangxi Maniform Garment Co., Ltd.” was registered and established.
In March 2010, the Maniform brand was rated as “No. 1 in the market of similar products for eight consecutive years (2002-2009)” by the China National Business Information Center of the China Chamber of Commerce.
In 2011, the company was renamed: “Shenzhen Huijie Group Co., Ltd.”. The three brands of Huijie, namely Maniform, Enweis, and Langerie, started a new journey in the Chinese lingerie industry with a new positioning and a new image.
In 2012, the Maniform brand won the “2012 Women’s Media Awards Annual Women’s Development Contribution Award” by UN Women and Netease Women.

In 2013, the Maniform brand won the “Annual Marketing Award of China’s Underwear Industry” and “Annual Innovation Award of China’s Underwear Industry”.

1.Price advantage
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2.Good quality
Maniform’s products have quality assurance. As one of the earliest underwear brands in China, Maniform opened a counter in Beijing in 1996. After so many years of accumulation, its technology and strength are very strong, and the workmanship of its underwear is very good.
3.Strong sense of comfort
The fabric of the underwear is comfortable and breathable, healthy and environmental, and consumers can basically find the size that suits them.
4.Strong sense of design
Maniform has bold designs and sophisticated materials. It invites top international designers to create French romantic preface styles, combining Chinese environmental protection underwear with international fashion.

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