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ERDOS is a fashion brand founded by Wang Linxiang in 1997. Erdos, the vane of Chinese cashmere industry and the leading brand of Chinese fashion industry. After thirty years of unremitting development, Erdos has become a mature brand with wide network coverage, rich age level and both men’s and women’s clothing, which is rarely found among Chinese clothing brands.
In 2009, Erdos started the brand upgrading strategy from “cashmere brand” to “cashmere fashion brand”. Based on the extensive consumer advantages and brand advantages accumulated for more than 20 years, the brand of Erdos was expanded from a pure cashmere brand to a mature brand of men’s and women’s fashion with cashmere as the main material and other fiber materials and clothing categories, and positioned at the high end.

ERDOS related products diagram
ERDOS related products diagram

In the 1980s, under the double blow of high cost and market fluctuation, many cashmere processing enterprises in Inner Mongolia have “fallen from grace” and have been in a state of collapse ever since. At this critical moment of life and death, Erdos Group launched an industry action aiming at “rejecting fake cashmere and guaranteeing quality”, and then built a green and environment-friendly cashmere base to curb the market trend which might continue to deteriorate at any time, saving itself and saving a group of cashmere on the verge of “death” at the same time. The company also saved a number of cashmere processing enterprises that were on the verge of “death”.

“There are Shenzhen and Kunshan in the south, and there is Ordos in the north”. Erdos city, as one of the eighteen typical examples of China’s thirty years of reform and opening up, has created the development miracle of regional economy rising at a high speed; Erdos Group, as the outstanding representative of Erdos model, has set off the entrepreneurial storm again and again.

Ordos cashmere industry is the foundation of Ordos Group’s business and brand pillar. The production and sales capacity of Erdos cashmere products reaches more than 10 million pieces, accounting for 40% of China and 30% of the world, and the products cover various garment fields of fine and coarse knitting and woven categories and home furnishing fields, and the product quality, market share, sales revenue and export earnings rank first in China’s cashmere industry for fifteen consecutive years.

On September 9, 2017, Ordos Cashmere was ranked 373rd in the 2017 Top 500 Asian Brands.

1. High quality
The goat hair produced in Ordos is known as “fiber diamond” and “soft gold”.
Erdos’ women’s clothing is provided to modern fashionable women with self-confidence, self-reliance and self-respect, providing them with services in pursuit of truth, beauty, high style and high taste, however, men’s clothing always follows the style of “simple fashion, introverted and calm”, providing ideal choices for urban business and political people with good cultural cultivation and fixed consumption habits.  

2. All-round development
Over the past 30 years, the group has always taken “establishing national ambition and creating world famous brand” as its own duty and pursued the lofty ideal of “Ordos warms the whole world”. Now, it has developed into a leading enterprise in the industry with the largest production and sales scale, the most perfect industrial system, the most mature marketing network and the most advanced technology and equipment in the world.  


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