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Daphne is a Chinese women’s footwear brand under Daphne Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., founded in 1990.
Because the name “Daphne” comes from Greek mythology, the design of Daphne’s LOGO uses many Greek elements.
Daphne integrates the elements of myth into shoes and combines modern fashion elements to create a pair of shoes for women so that every woman who wears Daphne shoes can find her real self.

Daphne brand product chart
Daphne brand product chart

History of Daphne
In 1990, Wing Yen International Group Limited established its own brand “Daphne”.
In 2002, Daphne first obtained the retail rights of “Adidas” in China and opened specialized stores and counters in different regions of the country.
In 2004, Daphne actively expanded its market share and increased business elements, creating its second private brand “Shoe Cabinet” suitable for all ages and genders. The group already has hundreds of “shoe cabinet” stores, and the group will continue to expand its sales network.
In 2005, SHOEBOX shoe cabinet, an unprecedented footwear retail store in China’s footwear industry, emerged as the times require, and jointly seized the market with Daphne and increased its market share.
In 2006, it entered the Taiwan market and copied the successful experience of the mainland to Taiwan, which is a further step in realizing the group’s long-term goal of becoming a world-renowned brand.
In 2008, the group cooperated with the internationally renowned high-end brands SOFFT, BORN, AREZZO and the top sports brand NIKE, etc., to carry out sales business in China.
In 2012, Daphne has been upgraded in an all-around way, bringing two new extended sub-brands: “Daphne Collection” and “Daphne Young”. At the same time, it has become more intimate and charming. The newly designed brand logo is like a blooming flower, implying that every woman is a flower waiting to bloom.

In 2016, Kodansha and Daphne launched comprehensive cooperation in the business of “ViVi” in China.

1.Discount price
Daphne’s shoes are of various styles and low prices, and there are often discounts, you can buy very good shoes at very favorable prices.
2.Good quality
The quality of Daphne’s products is really good and durable. It has brought fashionable, good-looking, and atmospheric products to consumers. It is a brand that consumers like very much.
3.Design Innovation
Daphne pays attention to bold creation. Its design inspiration is mainly based on mythological elements, and the design of the current trend is added to the myth, which looks both avant-garde and not outdated, staying on top of fashion trends.
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