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AIMER Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise, specializing in high-quality intimate apparel and its products in research and development, production, and sales. The company has more than 20 wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries and more than 300 branches, with its headquarters in Chaoyang District, Beijing, and 3 national high-tech enterprises.
In terms of categories, the company’s product portfolio has been gradually expanded from bras and panties in the early days to thermal wear, home wear, other apparel (such as sportswear, swimwear, etc.), hosiery, home textiles, home accessories, protective masks and many other categories to explore cross-selling opportunities between different product portfolios and between different brands.
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aimer brand product chart
aimer brand product chart

History of AIMER
In 1993, the AIMER brand was born.
In 2005, the AIMER MEN brand was born, the IMIS brand was born.
In 2009, awarded the certificate of high-tech enterprise.
In 2011, rewarded the “China Garment Brand Annual Value Award”.
In 2012, won the “China Garment Brand Annual Achievement Award”.
In 2013, the AIMER SPORTS brand was established and AIMER Public Welfare Foundation was registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China.
In 2013, awarded “Beijing Design Innovation Center”.
In 2015, the first skincare brand – NATURE’S GIFT brand was born.
In 2017, won “The Fourth China Chain Industry Outstanding Achievement Award” by China Chain Store Association.
In 2018, AIMER passed the evaluation again and won the “National High-tech Enterprise”.

In 2018, the R&D center was evaluated as “China Textile Industry Industrial Design Center”.
In 2019, awarded as “Beijing High Precision Industry Design Center”.
In 2019, awarded the certificate of energy management system certification
In 2020, AIMER signed Xin Zhi Lei as the brand image spokesperson.
In 2020, AIMER HEALTH brand, AIMER NYC product line, and AIMER-CHUANG product line were born.

In 2021, AIMER shares were listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange.

1.The international level design team
AIMER has an international standard design team, and many have won the title of “China’s top ten fashion designers”.
AIMER’s beauty is a perfect fusion of science and art, and eastern and western culture, and whether it is a piece of fabric or a piece of beads, the designer’s creativity and hard work are poured into it.
2.With a number of design patents
AIMER has a number of national patents for product design and participated in the development of national industry standards: “bra”, “knitted belly band”, “knitted swimwear”, “moisture absorption and heat underwear” four textile industry standards.
3.Continuous innovation
AIMER’s product design has always emphasized innovation, which is first reflected in the choice of fabric, and fabric technology is the embodiment of innovation.


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