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AutoKey, a professional supplier&manufacture of both OEM and after-market car complete keys&remotes, transporter chips and associated accessories.

AutoKey Related Products Chart
AutoKey Related Products Chart

Main categories

Key and remotes for 50 kinds of car including ACURA, BMW,

Buick, Jeep,Toyota and others.

Transponder Chip

KEYDIY, Xhorse, Key Blade, Transponder Machine, Cutter.


Pin for KD Remote

B111-PT Transponder key For Chevrolet/Cadilac

H92-PT Transponder key For Ford

NXP PCF7936 Blank Chip(ID 46)

(315 Mhz)OHT01060512 4+1 btn Flip Key For Chevrolet

Transponder key For Toyata

You can contact us if you want to buy it from China and ship it from China to your country.


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Shipforme Process

1. Sign in/register for Yoybuy warehouse address

2. Place orders to Yoybuy warehouse address

3. Weighing and safety inspection of goods after the packages arrive at Yoybuy warehouse

4. Submit and pay for your orders

5. Shipping & Customer Sign-Off

The following major e-commerce platforms are leading the way in number of clients and transaction amount:

Multi channel transportation

Multiple payment methods