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About the brand 

Founded in 1999, GRACEWELL is so popular that the business community, the media, the government and even GRACEWELL itself are stunned.  In 2019, it was rated as one of the top 10 women’s Underwear New Consumer Brands 2019 released by iiMedia Ranking.

GRACEWELL offline store
GRACEWELL offline store

Principle of Functionality

GRACEWELL Body Shaper is made of high-functioning elastic fabric for body shaping underwear, with high elasticity and pressure relief design according to ergonomics and female characteristics, especially for the whole legs (thighs and calves) and the excess fat of shoulders, upper arms and lower arms. The unique enhanced “even magnetic far-infrared field synergistic health care fabric” has passed the national scientific and technological achievement technical appraisal (Sinopec Appraisal “2002” No. 009).

It has the effect of significantly boosting metabolism, raising local skin temperature, warming the uterus and relieving pain, improving microcirculation and promoting body recovery.

Performance indicators

1. The product has passed the national science and technology achievement appraisal (Certificate: Sinopec Appraisal No. 009, 2002), the world’s first “dual-function fiber that emits far-infrared rays and magnetic lines at the same time”, the appraisal team considered that the technology “reached the international leading level “.

2. Studies have shown that the use of far-infrared magnetic field synergistic fibre fabrics can significantly improve haemodynamics and increase skin temperature, and the effect is significantly better than ordinary far-infrared fabrics.

3. far-infrared wavelength normal emission rate ≥ 80%.

4. The central wavelength of far-infrared is 8-12μm.

5. The surface magnetic field strength is 4GS~8GS.

You can contact us if you want to buy it from China and ship it from China to your country.


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