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SEPTWOLVES was founded by Zhou Shaoxiong in 1990, headquartered in Jinjiang , Fujian Province. SEPTWOLVES took the lead in the industry to put forward the management theory of clothing brand culture of “men are more than one side”, highlighting the international quality and the cultural style of compatibility between East and West with “character menswear”, inheriting the classics with fashion and facing the world with China.

 SEPTWOLVES was listed on the stock market in 2004 as the first company in China’s garment industry. In 2014, SEPTWOLVES launched a strategic upgrade, established multi-brand industrial development, adhered to the corporate mission of “creating a better life with fashion and filling life with creativity and confidence”. In addition to operating its own brand “SEPTWOLVES” men’s wear, knitwear, children’s wear and senior ready-to-wear, it also invested in the trendy brand “16N” and the global top fashion brand “KARL LAGERFELD “to gradually improve its layout in the fashion industry. In the future, SEPTWOLVES will continue to be driven by both industrial operation and investment and acquisition, so that the layout of fashion industry platform can form a linkage effect.

SEPTWOLVES related products diagram
SEPTWOLVES related products diagram

In 1992, the trademark of SEPTWOLVES was awarded the first batch of “Famous Trademark of Fujian Province”.
In 1995, SEPTWOLVES was awarded “National Garment Market Recognized Famous Brand Goods” by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and the Department of Market Construction Management of the People’s Republic of China.
In 1997, China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment awarded SEPTWOLVES “1996 National Double Excellent Enterprise with Foreign Investment”.
In 1998, it won the highest award of the 2nd China Fashion Design Expo – Golden Top Award.
In 1999, SEPTWOLVES was awarded “1999 Top Ten Men’s Clothing Brands Affecting Chinese Garment Market” by Famous Brand Times.
In 2003, the Committee for the Construction of Spiritual Civilization of Fujian Province awarded SEPTWOLVES as the “First Best Credit Enterprise of Fujian Province (2001-2002)”.
In 2004, SEPTWOLVES was awarded “2004 Chinese Youth’s Favorite Garment Brand”.
In 2010, SEPTWOLVES was awarded “2010 Top 100 Golden Bull Listed Companies.”
In 2012, SEPTWOLVES was awarded “The Most Influential Brand in China Consumer Market for 20 Years”.
In 2014, SEPTWOLVES was selected as one of the top 100 most valuable Chinese brands by BrandZ™ .
In 2015, SEPTWOLVES was awarded “Top 50 China Chain Brands with the Most Growth Potential “.
In 2016, SEPTWOLVES jacket ranked first in overall market share for 16 consecutive years
In 2017, SEPTWOLVES won the “Most Admired Overseas Chinese Fashion Brand award” at the Big Ben Awards ceremony.
In 2018, the Fifth Forum on Globalization of Chinese Enterprises was held, and SEPTWOLVES was honored as one of the “Top Ten Innovative Enterprises in Globalization Development “.
In 2019, awarded the TOP 10 of “2019 China’s Domestic Apparel Brands Ranking” released by iiMedia Ranking. 

In 2020, awarded the TOP 6 of “Top 15 Chinese Down Clothing Brands Online Development Ranking List in November 2020” released by iiMedia Ranking.

SEPTWOLVES insists on taking market consumption information as the entry point of R&D, taking customers’ consumption motives as the source of inspiration, combining the classic concept adhered to by the company and the development trend of international popular culture with the latest technology to create products that meet customers’ interests and satisfy their material needs and psychological demands. SEPTWOLVES brand apparel is mainly designed independently, and the design team is composed of excellent designers from all over the world, including England, Italy, Hong Kong and mainland China.

2.Building the brand
In terms of brand communication, for many years, SEPTWOLVES has been committed to the innovation of marketing mode. In 2003 and 2005, SEPTWOLVES twice joined hands with “Real Madrid” in China, which became the first successful sports marketing case in China, and this cooperation also opened a precedent for the marketing mode of Chinese men’s fashion brands. In addition, SEPTWOLVES is also committed to the inheritance and promotion of cultural values, and has joined hands with the TV Research Center of Peking University to establish the SEPTWOLVES Peking University Cultural Fund and hold cultural forums. The themes of these forums have been extended from culture, art, China, media and other fields, and become the fine products among cultural forums.

3. Make efforts in e-commerce
SEPTWOLVES pays close attention to the development of new channel models and actively explores the road of e-commerce development. It has established the official flagship store of SEPTWOLVES on Tmall, and even cooperated with IBM Wuxi Cloud Computing Center to explore the construction of its own e-commerce platform Wolf Valley. Since the beginning of Double Eleven, the sales have ranked among the top of similar men’s clothing categories in consecutive years.


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