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Founded in 1998, MiiOW (International) Hong Kong Co., Ltd. has grown into a modern, large-scale brand operating group focusing on the research and development, production and sales of fashion clothing after 20 years of fissionable development. As the leading brand of sexy lingerie in China, MiiOW has achieved a brand value of over 5 billion Yuan with its brand strength and wide brand reputation.
The company has a number of sub-brands such as “Miiow Classic”, “Miiow Secret”, “Miiow Premium”, “Miiow Fashion”, “Miiow New Home Textiles”, “Miiow Trendy Shoes” and “Miiow Mother & Baby” for different levels of target consumers.

MiiOW Related Products Chart
MiiOW Related Products Chart

In 2001, MiiOW was awarded “2000 Annual Industry Benchmark Enterprise”.
In 2002, MiiOW won the 2001 annual leading enterprise in science and technology and the annual AAA grade credit enterprise.
In 2003, MiiOW ranked top five in market share of similar products.
In 2004, MiiOW won the Product Award and Organization Award in the first China (Golden Phoenix) Marketing Award and was awarded the “Most Fashionable Underwear Brand” and the “China Integrity Marketing Organization”.
In 2005, Cat Man was awarded the top 100 “Profit” and “sales” award by China National Garment Association.
In 2006, MiiOW was awarded “National Inspection-free Products” and “2006 China Top 100 Management Competitiveness Enterprise”.
In 2007, MiiOW was selected as the 66th place in “2007 China Top 100 Growth” and won the “Most Valuable Investment Award” recommended by the 2007 China Top 100 Growth Organizing Committee.
In 2008, MiiOW was awarded the first China Top 50 Most Valuable Investment Enterprise.
In 2010, MiiOW was awarded “The Fifth Vice President Unit of China Knitting Industry Association”.
In 2011, MiiOW was awarded the “Brand Contribution Award 2010-2011 Consumer Trusted Brand Award”.

In 2012, MiiOW was awarded the “2012 Top Ten Lingerie Brands” by the Organizing Committee of China Garment Network Festival.

1 One-stop shopping
It has taken the lead in introducing one-stop shopping mode for close-fitting clothing, collecting fashion warm clothes, home clothes, small underwear, yoga clothes, swimsuit, underwear, socks, towels, fashion small goods and so on. The stores are integrated into one, meeting consumers’ one-stop shopping needs for close-fitting clothing, which not only greatly convenient for consumers, but also with a new competitive advantage and a new differentiated, large-scale profit model, operating rules to break the deadlock in the lingerie industry, creating a new round of wealth opportunities, leading the lingerie market.

2 Underwear international wind vane
The first “underwear international vane”, developed by the French, Hong Kong, Shanghai design team, a combination of Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other international trends design style guidance, making the brand stay owning“what others do not have and owning what better than others”.

3 Entertainment marketing promotion
The industry’s only construction system of brand extension and brand management system, to create the international leading experience shopping terminal.


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