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Foshan Saturday Shoes Co., Ltd. is one of the shoe brands operating enterprises in mainland China. It mainly engaged in the design, development, production, agency and sales of brand women’s shoes. It has established a huge sales network in various central cities in China, mainly direct-operated stores, supplemented by franchised stores. The company is headquartered in Foshan City, Guangdong Province.

SAFIYA, as an independent brand store under Foshan Saturday Shoes Co., Ltd., is guided by the design concept of wearing comfort, pursues health and romance, and is committed to novel and fashionable styles. It is mainly fashionable and comfortable, suitable for young women. The brand was founded in 2002.

SAFIYA is a fashionable and avant-garde leisure sports brand created by Mr. Pettensom, a famous Italian designer hired by Foshan Saturday Shoes Co., Ltd., together with Mr. Tom·tang, a new domestic designer.

SAFIYA's offline stores
SAFIYA's offline stores

Brand Positioning

1.The pronunciation of the brand name is similar to “Sophia”, which is derived from the ancient Greek Sophia, which means “wisdom”.

2.SAFIYA provides a wide range of shoes, clothing and accessories for young fashionable women aged 18 to 35. It enables them to fully express themselves and find the most “happy, lively and lovely” in the diverse and changing world.



SAFIYA uses exquisite workmanship, luxurious materials, and elegant and fashionable design to create a popular and fashionable dream factory to meet the needs of different occasions for stylish young people.

2.Discount price

SAFIYA has a wide range of shoes at low prices and often with discounts, you can get very good shoes at very favorable prices. If you know how to place an order on Taobao, you can place an order yourself. If you don’t know how to place an order on Taobao, you can entrust it to Yoybuy freight forwarder. Yoybuy can help you place the order and deliver it to your home.


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